At the beginning of the year, Trafostation Münster embarked on a structural transformation to sustainably ensure its continued existence as a free cultural space in Münster. We are now a shared property of various individuals & organisations from the arts, culture and education sector and a shared and cared for resource. With this step, we are consciously turning against market logics & exploitation pressures and embarking on a search for new, genuine alternatives; where art and culture emerge from a sense of community and are accessible to a community. The Commoning Art Festival now provides this structural change with a loving, artistic exclamation mark.

It gives music and culture a stage that seeks alternatives and celebrates commons.

It serves as a space to come together, to strengthen ourselves together, to remember together why art and culture makes us feel alive and belonging; and to illuminate the conditions under which it is created. Under the headings of commoning as art, comoning artists and commoning for art, we have invited artists and cultural practitioners to explore and demonstrate different ways of commoning art.

April 20-23: commoning as art
June 8-11: commoning artists
June 12-18: commoning for art

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