Peng! Improtheater

Peng! plays improv theatre and creates stories out of nothing. all without a script and without rehearsal. A aomplete free-fall flight, an absolute grab bag. Like what you watch in your imagination - only in real life.

The ensemble came together in 2013 through improvisation courses at Münster University. Peng! plays monthly at the Trafostation and the F24, and has already performed at various events such as the Science Slam at the Jovel, the Neue Wände Festival and at engagements with the city of Münster, the UNICEF working group Münster or Deutsche Welle in Bonn. Some very important info: No one from the audience has to get on stage or participate in any other way, unless they want to - Peng! places great importance to making the guests feel comfortable. Have a good time!

Peng! Stark-Strom-Impro

Every first Friday of the month
19:30 to approx. 21:00 - incl. break
Admission: 10 or 5 euros - pay what you feel
Reservation recommended at: