DEEP (Gülşah Tunalı)

DEEP, which stands for Diversity, Equity, Empowerment and Participation, is an education and consulting company that is all about diversity. From awareness-raising to strategic implementation, it is dedicated to all relevant steps on the way to a diversity-sensitive working world and society.

As a long-standing diversity trainer and founder of DEEP, I advise companies, public administrations and multipliers who are interested in the topic and want to deal with it more intensively through further education measures.

At Trafo I offer exchange formats such as DEEP Talk. DEEP Talk is a format in which we want to talk to you about topics that go into depth. In a friendly atmosphere we create encounters to talk about diversity, equity, empowerment and participation.

The "foodies" among you can look forward to a culinary education project that is currently being planned. As an Islamic scholar and migration expert, I have been working intensively on professional integration and educational support for the past 15 years, and I am incorporating my knowledge into this project.


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